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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On the Workbench

Nothing special on my workbench right now.  Just clearing up a few minor repairs before I start a couple of major projects.  Finished an Underwood Five desktop that was a complete wreck.  Missing a right hand platen knob, replaced several keys from a parts machine.  The previous owner somehow managed to get the platen installed backwards.  Should not have been possible but it was.  The front cover was gone and the side plates damaged.  Looked like they were forced into place with a ball peen hammer.  Wish I had pictures, but I somehow managed to delete them from my camera before I could load them.  It was only a dollar at the estate sale, but I would not have bought it even for that small a price had I not had an identical parts machine at home with a missing segment assembly.  It looks pretty good now.  It will be up on EBay next week if I can get moving.  

I currently have a grey Olympia SM-3 sitting on my bench with the usual rotted body to chassis bushings. Since this is a common repair I will post pictures of the process for any that are interested.